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E-Commerce achievement experience and deployment method

Achievements and experience

This business is a new business. In December 2021, we opened the online shop "Yanjiis", and in June 2022, we challenged the funding platform "Makuake" with our own product "Emergency Rod" and achieved an achievement rate of 420%. Acquisition. We have made a successful start, and are making rapid progress toward conversion to our main business. From 1990 to 2003, as the representative of our company, I ran a product sales and distribution service company that handled everything from wholesale to retail, mainly for high-end accessories, apparel, watches, etc., with 6 branches nationwide. , an industry experienced person who has increased annual sales to 1.5 billion yen with a network of 10 agencies. We also have experience in trading with China and the United States.

Market size (as  2022/5)
■ Our customer: Number of contracts for remodeling work = 1500
Two or more users = repeaters = 300, such as home-related construction and services, purchasers of sanitary supplies, etc.
These customers are those who are reusing with trust and trust due to our achievements in construction work.

■ SNS related
Number of Twitter followers = 590

Instagram followers = 2400

note 100 readers
These people are all fans and followers of articles about my hobbies, "fishing," "Hawaii," and "sea," “shop” so they are well-known supporters.


By the way, I am a "Hawaii Specialist certified by the Hawaii Tourism Board No. 43"

Promotion method

First of all, we will approach and present to familiar remodeling related customers, introducers from repeaters, SNS related fans and followers, not to the general public.

■ Medium
Advertise to existing customers with DM or postcards
Use email, SNS advertisements, Google and other search engine advertisements
Use of press
Request for publication in press, magazines, etc. as new product news depending on the product
Use of newspaper inserts and magazine advertisements
Promote recruitment of wholesalers and distributors by exhibiting at business shows
Advertising approach to similar dealers

We will strive to make your company and users happy by developing efficiently and boldly using a small number of elite and outsourcing. Thank you for your cooperation.


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